Land Use and Local Government Law and Litigation

The Law Office of Robert K. Lincoln, P.A.  provides legal services to private and public entities involved in complex land use disputes.  Hiring an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Before you decide, ask and I will provide free information about my experience and qualifications. 

Services of the Firm

We serve you or your team in several different roles. 

Lead Attorney/ Special Counsel for Particular Disputes
When you need a lead attorney to handle your specific land use or local government law matter, Robert K. Lincoln handles your matter directly and completely, working as a team with the support of the Firm's Managing Attorney, Stacy Dillard-Spahn.

When your litigation team needs the support of an expert in local government and land use/zoning law and litigation, or where a dispute is taking place outside of southwest Florida, we can work with current or local counsel to provide the critical domain knowledge and experience. 

Outside or Special Counsel 
We can provide long-term services to public or private organizations, taking over responsibility for land use or local government law related matters to support your general counsel with specialized domain knowledge and skills.   

Consulting Attorney
When an issue arises, or when you know that your project (or someone else’s project) may generate a complex issue, we will work with other attorneys, planners, engineers and client representatives to evaluate the issue, identify options and possible outcomes, and help assess strategies. We may be able to help avoid or minimize a problem, generate alternatives or prevent you from taking an action that hurts your long run goals.

We provide a range of land use and local government law services.

Evaluation and Consulting
At any stage of a matter, We can evaluate circumstances, identify options and possible outcomes, and help you evaluate your strategic position.    

Permitting: Application development, submission and approval
We can provide legal support and strategy throughout the application/permitting process to maximize the chances of a positive result and to provide a basis for litigating an adverse result. 

Administrative Litigation/Enforcement
We can handle local or state administrative litigation where a permitting or planning approval is subject to formal proceedings, or in the case of code enforcement or state agency administrative enforcement proceedings.  

State and Federal Trial Court Litigation
We can handle, either by myself or with a team, litigation before Florida circuit courts, county courts and U.S. District Courts (currently admitted in the U.S. Southern and Middle Districts). 

Appellate Litigation
We can handle appeals and certiorari petitions before the Florida and Federal appellate courts. 

Mediation/Dispute Resolution
We can participate in mediation or dispute resolution processes, investigating options and alternatives to create "win/win" alternatives that maximize the chance of a successful outcome. 

We can negotiate, draft or evaluate development agreements, proportionate share or other kinds of funding agreements, inter-local agreements, settlement agreements or other public or private agreements relating to development, land use and local governments. 

Plans, Regulations and Codes 
We can help draft comprehensive plans, land development/zoning regulations, and specific codes or processes. 

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Hiring an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask and I will send you free written information about my qualifications and experience. Additionally, the comments, statements and articles contained herein are general in nature and should not be relied upon as a basis for any legal opinion, action or conclusion on the part of the reader with respect to any particular set of facts or circumstances, or to establish an attorney-client relationship between us.